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Welcome to Supercell Roofing, where we bring quality and reliability to your doorstep. Our team is dedicated to enhancing and protecting your home. Experience the difference with our expert services today.

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Your Trusted Roofing Company in Mount Juliet, TN, and the Surrounding Areas

Dealing with roofing issues can be a major headache, causing unnecessary stress and disruption. From leaks to damages, these problems can affect your daily life significantly. That’s where Supercell Roofing steps in. Based in Mount Juliet, TN, we are committed to resolving your roofing challenges. Our approach is centered on quality work, punctuality, and transparent communication. We guarantee not just solutions, but peace of mind, making your roofing woes a thing of the past.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Supercell Roofing for Unmatched Quality

Choosing Supercell Roofing means opting for unparalleled service quality and dedication. With 5 years of personal experience, we are meticulous and use premium brand materials for every project. Our punctuality and commitment to transparent communication set us apart. We understand your needs, providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Trust us to deliver excellence and ensure your home’s safety and durability.

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Comprehensive Roofing Services Tailored for You

Our array of services caters to every aspect of roofing and beyond. From installing durable siding in various materials to ensuring your gutters function perfectly, we cover all bases. Our storm damage assessment and roofing services are thorough, ensuring your home remains secure in any weather. Luxury estates benefit from our custom design and premium shingles, highlighting our versatility and commitment to quality across all service areas.

Excellence is Our Benchmark

Supercell Roofing sets the standard for roofing excellence. With a focus on quality, punctuality, and transparent communication, we’re the partner you can trust. Discover how we can transform your home today.

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With Supercell Roofing, you receive top-tier roofing services, from leak repairs to complete roof replacements, ensuring your home remains safe and stylish.


You can count on us with:

  • Leak fixes
  • Total replacements
  • Quality materials
  • Expert installers
  • Durable roofing
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Luxury Estates Roofing

Our luxury estates roofing service offers premium shingles and custom designs. Experience unparalleled elegance and protection for your prestigious home.

Luxury Estates Roofing

With our services, you can expect:

  • Premium shingles
  • Custom designs
  • Designer brands
  • Master installation
  • Color profiles
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Storm Damage Assessment

Our roofing services include comprehensive storm damage assessments, guiding you smoothly through insurance claims and repairs to restore your home’s integrity.

Storm Damage Assessment

Here’s what’s included:

  • Free inspections
  • Insurance claim help
  • Detailed assessments
  • Exterior checks
  • Adjuster appointments
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Choosing us as your siding contractor means investing in durability and beauty for your home. We ensure your siding not only protects but also enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Vinyl siding experts
  • Aluminum options
  • Wood siding crafts
  • Brick siding installs
  • Efficient insulation
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Supercell Roofing excels in gutter services, ensuring effective rainwater management to protect your home’s exterior and foundation from water damage.


This is what awaits you:

  • Gutter installation
  • Quick repairs
  • Water damage prevention
  • Soffit protection
  • Trim safety
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Roof Tune-Up

Ensure your roof’s longevity and performance with our roof tune-up service. Prevent major issues with regular roof maintenance.

Roof Tune-Up

Maximize roof efficiency and safety:

  • Shingle inspection
  • Sealant application
  • Ventilation checks
  • Debris removal
  • Flashing assessment
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Transform Your Home Today

Ready to elevate your home’s appearance and safety? Supercell Roofing in Mount Juliet, TN, is here to make it happen. We’re dedicated to delivering excellence. Don’t let roofing issues linger; contact us for a free estimate and experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction firsthand.

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    Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say


    Raymond J

    The service is excellent all around, quality you can count on, as well as great customer relation skills.
    I think choosing supercell for your next roofing related project would be an excellent choice.

    Google Reviews


    Ben Fryer

    Good people, good work. Really appreciate the storm assessment.

    Google Reviews


    John Kovolyan

    I have known Eric (owner) for a long time. I can’t speak more highly of him, his professionalism, his customer first mindset, and character. I have seen his work numerous times and used him on my own home. I would 10/10 recommend Supercell for the quality, attention to detail, and service.

    Google Reviews


    Miguel Alvares

    Excellent customer service ! 👍
    If you’re searching for a trustworthy company , look no further. Elmo will definitely take care of you.

    Google Reviews


    Everett Torpey

    Eric Ellmo and the entire Supercell crew are great to work with and really know their stuff! Excited to see this honest local company grow!

    Google Reviews


    Michael Felski

    Mr. Ellmo and the team at Supercell Roofing have thoroughly exceeded my expectations in terms of what exemplary roofing service encompasses. From the initial inspection to the final installation, they were exceptionally proactive in providing updates and ensuring that all our requirements were comprehensively addressed.
    In my experience, it is not uncommon to encounter roofers who present themselves in an unprofessional manner; however, this was decidedly not the case with Eric and his colleagues at Supercell Roofing. Their professionalism and attention to detail stand in stark contrast to the norm.
    I would advise potential clients to trust their instincts. If you are in the process of reading reviews, chances are you have already had interactions with Eric or other representatives of Supercell Roofing. You are likely aware of their efficiency and professionalism. Rest assured, they are committed to delivering outstanding service. My experience with them has been immensely satisfying.

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    Awesome. Excellent communication. A Plus Service.

    Google Reviews


    Jane Cabrera

    Great customer service!

    Google Reviews


    Blake Mundy

    It is a pleasure working with Eric on every metal job. His attention to detail and expertise in the roofing industry sets him apart from the competition.

    Google Reviews


    Jarod Brown

    Great experience working with Supercell Roofing.

    Google Reviews


    Mary Carrubba

    These are some of the nicest guys! They trapped my roof for free after the Dec. 9th tornadoes!

    Google Reviews


    Adiel Turcios

    Very professional, communication was great from beginning throughout the end of the project. Thank you Erick

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